How to Start an SEO Business?

I never thought to write an article about SEO business in this blog. But following video change my mind and motivate me to write an article about how to start an SEO agency.

This is an hour long video, but I promise that if you watch the whole video you never worry about even a single second you spend on this video. You can find the following information from the above video.

  • Difference between client SEO and niche website
  • Introduction about Client SEO System
  • How to select low completion but highly profitable niche?
  • How to build a portfolio of SEO results?
  • How to get new SEO clients?
  • How to convert your readers, subscribers to SEO client?
  • How to retain more than 90% + of your clients?
  • A few tips succeed in the SEO industry without spending money

Other than above video, I will share more information below which I knew from my experience and what I found from discussions with other SEO agency owners and already available resources.

How Much SEOs are Charging for Services in 2019?

A recent survey answers for following questions.

  • How much SEO firms charge an average of per hour? About $150
  • How many SEO agencies charge between $101-$200 per hour in the US? About 70%
  • How many SEO agencies charge between $101-$200 per hour in the UK? About 40%
  • What is the SEO consultant hourly rate per hour? About $150
  • How many US SEO consultants charge $101-$200 per hour? About 55%
  • How many US SEO consultants charge below $100 hour? About 25
Worldwide, SEO firms Charge
Worldwide, SEO firms Charge

Can you guess what is the minimum charge for a single project? Almost 50% of SEO agencies responded that their minimum charge is at least $2,000.

SEO agency minimum charge for single project
Average SEO agency minimum charge for single project

A Few Key Things to Success Your SEO Business

John Romaine who is doing SEO business in the last 17 years, shared 10 key things that he has made a difference and provided him with great success in SEO Signals Labs Facebook group. Since it is a close group and if you don’t have to access to the group, you can check the following screenshot.

SEO Business Advice

Sean Si is a very popular SEO consultant. He is the founder of SEO Hacker and it is founded in 2010. He also shared 15 lessons he learned starting an SEO start-up.

If you closely check advice’s from John Romaine and Sean Si, you can see that they have different ideas for some same things. But both of them have a successful SEO agency. Which means you have a different approach to build a successful SEO business.

Here are a few more important things if you want to make a successful SEO business.

  • Learn SEO: Without having good knowledge of SEO, you can’t build an SEO company unless you outsource all the works. So first learn SEO:-).
  • Learn WordPress: Do you know that 33% of websites built with WordPress. It means most of your client comes with a WordPress site. So having knowledge about WordPress and having knowledge about WordPress SEO is very important.
  • Make your own site rank on Google: Are you going to repair your mobile phone to a technician who has never repair mobile phone before. It is the same as for SEO clients. They are looking for an experienced SEO person. So at least you need to show how you able to rank your own site on Google.
  • Free consultations: At the beginning, one of the best ways to get SEO client is giving free SEO consultations. When you giving free consultations, they will know that you know SEO very well. Then you can convert them to paid client easily.
  • Build your brand: Building your brand is really helpful for the long run. When you doing client SEO works, always find a time to build your brand. It will help to attract more SEO clients in future.
  • Update your SEO knowledge: SEO changes every day. Most SEO techniques you used a few years ago won’t work now.


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