Elementor Review : #1 WordPress Website Builder

Elementor is #1 drag & drop website builder for WordPress. We called it a WordPress website builder, not a page builder. Why? Because you can build just not only pages, you can build header, footer and even popups using Elementor. In simple, you can build the whole website using Elemntor. There is both free and paid version in Elementor. First, we differentiate free version and pro version. Then we are going to in-depth review about pro version.

Elementor works with most WordPress themes, but it works better with themes like Astra, OceanWP.

Elementor Review (#1 WordPress Website Builder)

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Difference between Elementor Free & Pro Version

You can download the Elementor free version from WordPress official plugin directory. There are 2+ million active installations with almost 5/5 star rating. There are pre-designed templates and blocks available for you in even free version.

FeatureFree VersionPro Version
Drag & Drop Page BuilderYesYes
30 Basic WidgetsYesYes
50+ Advanced WidgetsNoYes
Header Builder No Yes
Footer BuilderNo Yes
WooCommerce BuilderNo Yes
Popups BuilderNo Yes
Custom Fields CapabilitiesNo Yes

Elementor Page Builder Review

This is a very good tutorial video to understand how Elementor works and how simple things are done with Elementor. If you have never worked with Elementor watch following video.

Elementor Pro Review

I am going to explain many Elementor pro features one by one in this section.

50+ Pro Widgets

There are 50 more widgets comes with Elementor pro.

Elementor Widgets

300+ Pro Templates

There are a lot of templates comes with Elementor. So if you use pre-built templates it doesn’t take even an hour to build a website.

Header & Footer Builder

Unlike other WordPress drag and drop builders, Elementor can build header and footer also. That’s why I called Elementor is a website builder, not just a drag and drop page builder.

WooCommerce Builder

Yes, you read it correctly. You can build WooCommerce pages also using Elementor. Currently, you can build product page and product archive pages using Elementor and they will add cart editing and checkout editing pages in future too.

Popup Builder

Now you don’t need another WordPress plugin to build popups. You can build popup using Elementor plugin itself. You can use popups for login forms, to collect email subscriptions, sale banners, announcements, related products & upsells, etc.

Form Builder

Unless you have a complex requirement like conditional logic for forms, you don’t need another form plugin because Elementor Pro comes with advance form builder. It is a simple drag and drop form builder which support file upload, acceptance field, data field, time field & HTML field, Password field, etc. It can be integrated into most marketing automation & CRM services like MailChimp, HubSpot, GetResponse, MailPoet, ConvertKit.

Disadvantages of Elementor

It is very normal that any product having disadvantages and it is common for Elementor. But Elementor is a perfect product and I can find only two disadvantage of Elementor.

  • Support: It seems like their support team isn’t enough for replying all their customers. I have received replies for all our support tickets, but it takes considerable time. So it is hard to expect a reply from within an hour or a few hours. They have an official facebook community. That is a very active Facebook group, so you can get slove most of your questions easily from that group instead of submitting a support ticket.
  • Performance: You may have to face difficulties if you use very low cost shared hosting company. They recommend 128 MB memory limit, but I have noticed that you need at least 256 MB memory to work Elementor admin panel smoothly. Don’t misunderstand this with pages created using Elementor. The pages create using Elementor load fast without issue. The problem comes only when they edit in the admin panel.
  • 3rd Party Addons Commonly Cause Issues: There are a lot of the third-party addons available for Elementor. It is an advantage, but the disadvantage is when the core plugin is updated, most 3rd party addons conflict with the updated version. So users need to wait until 3rd party addon’s author fix the issue. Even though this is a common issue in the WordPress world, we show this issue in Elementor generally than other WordPress plugins.

Additional Elementor Resources

  • Elementor Facebook Group: This is the official Elementor Facebook group. When I writing this post, there are more than 72,000 members in this group. Most times, you can get a quick answer about Elementor issues just searching on group instead of asking support from official methods.
  • Elementor Resources: This is no. 1 unofficial Elementor resource collection. You can find almost 2,000 templates from this website.


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