What Makes a Clean Blog Design?

You probably heard bloggers preach about having a clean blog design.

What do these folks mean?

Today we will discuss what goes into designing your blog from a clear, clean perspective.

Clean Blog Design

Before we dive into the practical tips, you need to know all clear designs begin in mind. As within, so without.

On visiting digitwp.com I see a clear, clean, neat blog design. Ranuka had a clear vision in mind and the blog simply reflects the vision.

But many bloggers cling to chaotic, frenzied, fear-driven ideas in mind. Said ideas manifest on blog designs as a slew of ugly, distracting adds, 3-4 pop-ups, overstuff sidebars and heavy sites loading at snail-like speed. These blogs are far from clean, being bloated, heavy, sites that repel readers and tend to lead to failure.

Build a clean, clear vision both for your blog and blog design. Address any fears of loss. Guaranteed, 9 out of 10 bloggers who stuff their blog with garnish, heavy, multiple adds fear losing money and almost always, their fear comes true.

Clean, mean, lean designs load fast, please the eyes, increases conversions and catch the eye of popular, successful bloggers. Clear blogs promote success because how you package and present your blog has a strong effect on readers. People love neat, clean blogs because said blogs bring order and calm to their lives.

Follow these tips to create a clean blog design.

Build Your Design Around White Space

Whoa! Hold on a minute.

Most bloggers think of content before anything else. Bloggers add content, banners, headers, menus and all that good stuff before pondering white space. But if you genuinely want to create a lightning fast, razor sharp, clean design, build your blog design around as much white space as possible.

White space is your friend.

White space adds power, clarity and focuses to every word or image you include in your blog design. Using ample white space also creates a pleasing effect, quite opposite to the claustrophobic feel you get visiting blogs with little white space and tons of images, text and other content.

Apply white space liberally. Lay the foundation for a clean blog design.

Minimize Stuff

In line with using generous white space, minimize the amount of:

  • Banner images
  • Menus
  • Sidebar elements
  • Footer images
  • Text

….you include on your blog design. Think “less is more”. Go more minimalists to create a lean design that stands out from the general bloated, heavy masses of blogs you tend to see online.

Guys; you need to face, feel and release fears to follow this tip properly. Fear tells you that you are not including enough stuff on your blog. Clarity tells you to strip the blog a bit more bare to accelerate your online success.

Pare down. Include key elements like a blog header, one top menu, a 2-3 sidebar element and a bit of text in your footer. No need to repeat. Say it once. Adopt a laser clean design.

Consider Load Time

Website Speed

I designed my home page with load time in mind. No recent blog posts, heavy images or anything saves my hero logo and top menu. Talk about a lightning fast load time. Plus my design is clean, lean and clear. No filler or stuffing.

One quick visit to my blog – or any page – displays my blogging course as the sole sidebar element. Blog posts span 5 deep per page with a featured image and minimal text.

Pages consist of a few images and text.

My design is pure minimalist, resulting in fast load speeds and a clear, lightweight, focused design my readers love.

Pare Down

In most cases, you will need to strip down during a blog redesign.

Let go to grow and to design a clear, clean blog.


Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

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